Engagement Ring Guide For Men

Guys, are you ready to take that next step in your relationship? Get started right here:

1. Determine a budget- Engagement rings are a symbol of your love and commitment, don't ruin this time in your life by purchasing a ring that would put you in any financial hardship for months or years to come. Pick a number that you're comfortable with and stick to it! Remember, the price of rings can often be negotiated.

2. Choose the style- This is what buying an engagement ring is all about, the thought that goes into picking the perfect stone, shape and setting! Here we break it down a little further for you:

- First see what she wears most- is it white gold/silver (you should go for platinum or 18k white gold) or is it yellow gold (you should go for 18k yellow gold).

- Determine if a diamond is the stone for her. Some women prefer to go with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc.

- Determine what stone shape she really loves. It would help to talk to her friends, 99% of the time the friends know exactly what their bestie wants her ring to look like!

- And finally, the setting. There are numerous options here- from halo, to no halo, to side stones, hidden halos, pave band, the list goes on! My recommendation, if you dont know what she would truly love, is to keep it simple. A beautiful solitaire with a simple band can always be vamped up later and your wallet will appreciate it!

3. Ring size- Determining her ring size is imperative. The best way to accomplish this is by getting one of her current rings sized (preferrably one tha† she wears on her left hand). When in doubt, go half a size bigger not smaller.

4. Go shopping- We strongly recommend going to your local jewelry or diamond district when purchasing engagement rings. Not only will you get the best pricing without the retail mark-ups, but you will also get to build the ring that you envision from scratch. Normally, when you visit chain jewelry stores, they can only offer you what they have on display and any minor alterations will cost you extra. We suggest taking a picture of a ring that perfect ring to make the search a little easier.